One minute you feel happy, the next minute it has gone. But how and why does this happen? And more importantly how do we get happy again? Well the truth is that your happiness never went anywhere. It is still there, you are simply just not feeling it at that period of time. It’s probably buried underneath other, more powerful emotions. Your emotions are all there for you to feel at the right moment in time, it is all dependent upon your thoughts. If you think happy thoughts then these can re-surface from within you. This may sound crazy but think about it, think of a happy moment in your life, something that made you laugh. Once you are able to tap into these feelings then happiness will take over.

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You need to learn what it is that makes you happy in order to get happy. Every one of us is different, so therefore what makes one person happy may be different from the next. Don’t think too deeply about this, all you need to do is recognise what it is that makes you happy, don’t compare yourself to others.

So how can a person make themselves feel happy?
They need to find humour within situations. Granted, there are times when a person needs to be serious, but when things start to go wrong then it is important to make light of the situation. When things start to go wrong then it is important to find a solution rather than fall apart and wallow in self pity. Happy people do not allow set-backs to affect them. They simply pick themselves up and re-assess the situation. A great technique is to turn disadvantages into advantages.

In order to get happy, a person needs to recognise that they deserve to be. Unfortunately some people feel as though they don’t deserve to be and therefore subconsciously ruin their chances of happiness. Sometimes it really does pay to remind ourselves that we deserve to be happy.

Our health is another thing that can make us feel happy and sad. Being overweight and eating junk food can have a negative effect on our mental state of mind. It is therefore important that we take care of ourselves.

If you want to get happy and stay happy then it is important to keep a healthy lifestyle. Avoid negative thoughts and surround yourself with happy people. Happiness can be infectious therefore allow it to infect you.

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